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Restocking Your Refrigerator After a Power Outage

by Lindsey Sexton - February 22, 2021


Many families were without power this last week, unfortunately causing many refrigerated and frozen foods to spoil. As we know from Keeping Food Safe During a Power Outage, refrigerators will keep food cold for only about 4 hours if it remains unopened. A full freezer will hold its temperature for about 48 hours if it remains unopened and only 24hrs if the unopened freezer is half full.


How do I restock my refrigerator and freezer once my electricity is restored?

While some are still waiting to regain power, many homes are back up and recovering. After a power outage is a great time to clear out and clean your refrigerator and freezer. Especially if anything has melted or spoiled while waiting for the power to be restored.

Having a well-stocked kitchen makes meal planning easier. Using sale ads and coupons can also help you save money. Below is a low-cost list for restocking your refrigerator and freezer. Personalize the list with foods you frequently use.


Ideas for Stocking Your Refrigerator

  • Milk (fat-free or low-fat)
  • Cheese (block, shredded, sliced, or string and consider lower fat options)
  • Yogurt (fat-free or low-fat and choose options with fewer or no added sugars)
  • Eggs
  • Fruits
  • Vegetables
  • Butter or margarine
  • Salad dressing, low-fat


Ideas for Stocking Your Freezer

  • Frozen vegetables
  • Frozen Fruit
  • 100% fruit juice concentrate
  • Lean ground beef
  • Chicken breast or other pieces
  • Pork loin chops
  • Frozen fish and shrimp
  • Frozen waffles (consider whole grain varieties)
  • Breads (consider whole grain varieties)


Remember, only buy foods that your family likes and uses often. When your food budget allows, buy a little extra but try not to stockpile. Keep your foods in good rotation by using the First-In-First-Out method and only buy the amount you will use up in a week’s time.