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Don't Be Scared, It's Just the Holidays

by Lindsey Sexton - October 28, 2022

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While we all love a reason to celebrate, the holiday season can bring a little extra stress to our lives. Starting in October with that first Halloween candy binge, we feast our way through the holidays up until the last calorie laden hoorah of year which can affect our wallets and our waistlines in frightful ways.


5 Tips for Happy Healthy Holidays

  1. Start planning holiday spending early. Think ahead to the expenses you will incur between now and the end of the year. Set a budget for those expenses and stick to it.

  2. Consider starting a new tradition in your neighborhood as an alternative to collecting candy while Trick or Treating:
    • Walk from house to house, admiring Halloween decorations at a distance.
    • Go on an outdoor Halloween-themed scavenger hunt.
    • Hold an outdoor costume parade so everyone can show off their costumes.
    • Host an outdoor Halloween movie night with friends or neighbors.
  3. Have a plan for family meals and gatherings. Holiday binging is often uncomfortable and ongoing from October through December. Plan to have a few bites of your favorites knowing that you’ll be able to have the same foods another time throughout the holidays. This will lessen the “get it while you can” feeling that urges you to eat more than you should.

  4. Build in time for your favorite physical activity. The holidays typically pull our focus toward others so try to remember to take a bit of time for yourself and your health. A quick walk can help you shake off any holiday angst or help you pep up when you're feeling a bit tired.

  5. Wash your hands frequently and stay home when you are feeling sick.