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No Job After Graduation 7 Tips on What You Can Do

by Ashley Foster , Program Associate - September 5, 2017

Male graduate holding up graduation cap
After all the years of hard work and the celebration, many graduates are faced with unemployment or in jobs that don't support their interest or degree areas. This can be very discouraging for recent graduates. Here are 7 tips on what you can do.


 Keep going! Be persistent in your job-search. Make your job search your new job.

 Register. Sign up on job search engines, business networks like LinkedIN or social media sites like Facebook.

 Network. Contact alumni in your field. Make new contacts by joining professional    groups in your area.

Career Center. Even though you have graduated, your school's career services can still help.

Take a temp job. Temp work pays the bills, & helps build skills and experience. It may even lead to a full-time job.

Get your foot in the door. Try an internship or part-time gig. Do a good job and it may pay off!

Build new skills. This makes you a more appealing candidate. Try volunteering. This will also open up your network.

Reference: National Association of Colleges and Employees