UACES Facebook Day 17 : #ThoughtfulThursday
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Navigating Life's Journey Blog

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Day 17 : #ThoughtfulThursday

by Ashley Foster - May 17, 2018

picture of hand writing in journal
This #ThoughtfulThursday is about gratitude.

By recognizing and appreciating the goodness in your life, you can improve your mood by focusing on the things you already have rather than the things you lack.One study even found that people who practiced gratitude on a daily basis even exercised more!

Gratitude journals are a great way to track the good things in your life.

There are also a bunch of free apps for tracking gratitude.

Free Gratitude Journal Apps for Android:

  • Zest

  • Simple Gratitude Journal

  • Attitudes of Gratitude Journal

  • From Gratitude to Bliss

Free Gratitude Journal Apps for iOS:

  • Gratitude Journal – The Original

  • Grateful: A Gratitude Journal

  • HappyFeed – Gratitude Journal

  • hiMoment – Gratitude Journal

Start tracking your gratitude by telling us 3 good things about your day or 3 things about your life that you are grateful for. Don’t forget to use #uaex4mind4body.

Read more about gratitude and positivity here.