UACES Facebook Day 20: #StressFree Saturday
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Day 20: #StressFree Saturday

by Ashley Foster - May 20, 2018

Today’s #StressFreeSaturday challenge is about hobbies. Here are the links mention in the information below.

WE’RE CUTTING DOWN ON SCREEN TIME FOR #SLEEPWELLSUNDAY THIS WEEK.While all exposure to excessive amounts of light at night can interfere with the body’s natural clock and make it hard to sleep, the blue light wavelengths that come from smartphones, tablets, computers, and TVs are the most disruptive. As if interfering with sleep wasn’t bad enough, blue light-emitting devices can also cause eye strain.The good news is, there are ways to reduce blue light on certain devices.We’re taking it a step further than just reducing blue light at night—today’s challenge is to cut out screen time 2 hours prior to bed. If one of your favorite shows comes on tonight, be sure to set your DVR to record it, or plan to watch it online some other time.Tell us – Was this challenge really hard for you? Did it help you fall asleep faster? Don’t forget to use #4mind4body in your post!

Reference: Mental Health America