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Navigating Life's Journey Blog

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Day 10 #ThoughtfulThursday

by Ashley Foster - May 10, 2018

two women taking a selfie with shirts that say volunteer

This #ThoughtfulThursday is about supporting charities! Studies have shown activity in the brain’s pleasure centers and other  benefits to mental health occur when people donate or volunteer with charitable organizations.

 Here are some ideas for how you can provide support:

  • Sign up to volunteer your time with a nonprofit organization. It might involve working at an event, doing office tasks, or rolling up your sleeves and getting your hands dirty—whatever you do, it’s a big help. Go to to find opportunities to get involved.
  • Donate items instead of money. Depending on the charity you chose to support, they may need physical items like toiletries and hygiene supplies, blankets or clothing.
  • Raise money. Facebook is a great tool that anyone with an account can use to raise money for causes they care about. 


Tell us which charity you’ve decided to support and how you’re going to help by posting with #4uaexmind4body on Facebook.