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Publication No. Title Primary Author
  JUNE 2024  
FSA6164 Silvery Thread Moss Wendell Hutchens
  MAY 2024  

Growing Your Enterprise: A Step-by-Step Guide to Launching a Farm Business

IvaNelle Meyer

Environmentally Enriched Lighting Improves Broilers' Welfare and Productivity

Yi Liang

Takto eo ao Ej ba Ikūrro: Ia eo ij Jinoe ie?

Nina Roofe
FSFCS209SP Nina Roofe
FSA9627SP Desbloqueo de Propiedad de Herederos:¿Qué Puedes Hacer? Henry English
FSA2209 Estimating Nutrient Removal of Hay Production in Arkansas Bronc Finch
  APRIL 2024  
FSA87 Determining Expected Cost and Premium Rates in Margin Protection Crop Insurance Kaleem A. Chattha
FSA86 A Guide to Business Structures IvaNelle Meyer
FSA88 Leveraging Enterprise Budgets to Calculate Breakeven Points Ryan Loy
FSA85 Location, Location, Location: Mapping the Risks for Arkansas Broiler Production Kylie Roesler
FSFCS209 My Doctor Says I Have Gout: Where Do I Start? Nina Roofe
FSA1103 Financial Analysis Example for Photovoltaics on a Broiler Farm Yi Liang
  MARCH 2024  
FCS717 Solve the Money Mystery: Building Good Credit Laura Hendrix
FCS718 Solve the Money Mystery: Ways to Save Laura Hendrix
FCS719 Solve the Money Mystery: Curb the Urge to Splurge Laura Hendrix
FCS720 Solve the Money Mystery: Pay Yourself First Laura Hendrix
FCS721 Solve the Money Mystery: Reducing Credit Card Debt Laura Hendrix
FCS722 Solve the Money Mystery: Plastic Surgery Laura Hendrix
FCS724 Solve the Money Mystery: Common Cents - Protect Your Finances Laura Hendrix
FCS725 Solve the Money Mystery: Cash Crisis - Money Traps That Keep You Broke Laura Hendrix
FSFCS208 Solve the Money Mystery: Invest for Your Future Laura Hendrix
FSA6162 Developing a Sustainable Fungicide Spray Program to Prevent Fruit Rot in Strawberry for the Southeast Taunya Ernst
FSA84 Economic Contribution of Agriculture to the Arkansas Economy in 2022 Leah English
FSA6163 Managing Broad Mite in Commercial Blackberry Production Jared Linn
  FEBRUARY 2024  
FSA6161 Constructing a Cheap and Effective Strawberry Sprayer Ryan Keiffer
FSFCS149SP Cuestiones Importantes Sobre la Formula Para Bebes Durante Cortes de Agua Christine Sasse
FSA2208 Guidance for Manure and Litter Stacking Eric Simon
FSFCS149 Infant Formula Considerations During a Water Outage Christine Sasse
FSFCS148MH Kamat ilo Jikin Kāām Nina Roofe
  JANUARY 2024  
FSA9544 Why is Steam Water Quality Important? Alana G. Strauss
FSFCS148 Campsite Cooking Nina Roofe
FSFCS148SP Cocinar en el Campamento Nina Roofe
MP578 Graduate Certificate in Forest Business Matthew H. Pelkki
FSA1102 Do you Live or Work in an Arkansas Nutrient Surplus Area (NSA)?  Karl VanDevender
MP144 Insecticide Recommendations for Arkansas Glenn Studebaker
MP44 Recommended Chemicals for Weed and Brush Control L. Tom Barber
MP154 Arkansas Plant Disease Control Products Guide Travis Faske
MP576 The Fundamentals of Federal Crop Insurance Hunter D. Biram
MP577 Beekeeping in Arkansas Jon Zawislak
MP574SP Que Le Sucede A Mi Mora? Identificacion De Defectos En Moras Para El Mercado Fresco Amanda McWhirt
FSA83 What do I Need for a Crop Insurance
Hunter D. Biram
  DECEMBER 2023  
FSA82 Individual Crop Insurance: Whole Farm Revenue Protection and Micro Farm Insurance Hunter D. Biram
  OCTOBER 2023  
FSA81 Area Crop Insurance: Pasture, Rangeland, and Forage Insurance James L. Mitchell
FSA80 Cultivating Financial Security: A Guide on Farm Finances, Taxes, and Crop Insurance Ryan Loy
FSA79 Individual Crop Insurance: Revenue Protection and Revenue Protection Harvest Price Exclusion Hunter D. Biram
FSA2207 Carbon Sequestration and Climate Smart Agriculture Grant Bennett
FSA78 Individual Crop Insurance: Yield Protection Hunter D. Biram
  SEPTEMBER 2023  
FSA77 Insurable Unit Structures in Crop Insurance Hunter D. Biram
FSA76 Financial Insight: Navigating Performance, Position, and the Balance Sheet Ryan Loy
FSA75 Types of Federal Crop Insurance Products: Individual and Area Plans Hunter D. Biram
MP575 Southeastern Blackberry Production on the Rotating Cross-Arm (RCA) Trellis Taunya Ernst
  AUGUST 2023  
FSA74 Why Does the Federal Government Subsidize Crop Insurance? Hunter D. Biram
FSA73 How are Interest Rates Influenced? Ryan Loy
FSA72 The Structure of the U.S. Crop Insurance Industry Hunter D. Biram
MP574 What is Wrong with my Blackberry? Identifying Fresh-Market Blackberry Disorders Amanda McWhirt
  JULY 2023  
FSA2206 Soil Biology Affects Soil Health Kishan Mahmud
FSA2205 Chemical Indicators for Soil Health James Burke
FSA71 Analyzing the Relative Riskiness of Rice Yields Hunter D. Biram
FSA70 A Brief History of Crop Insurance Hunter D. Biram
  MAY 2023  
FSA2204 Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Rice Production in Arkansas Kristofor R. Brye
FSA2203 Poison Hemlock Identification and Control Hannah Wright-Smith
FSA6160 Basics of Drip Irrigation and Fertigation for Specialty Crops Taunya Ernst
FSA7091 Managing Squash Vine Borer in Arkansas Aaron Cato
  APRIL 2023  
FSFCS147 Basics of Home Wine Making in Arkansas Renee Threlfall
FSA3161 Economic Summary of 2022 Arkansas Hay Verification Program James L. Mitchell
FSA69 Economic Contribution of Agriculture to the Arkansas Economy in 2021 Leah English
  MARCH 2023  
FSA7090 Using Pheromone Traps to Monitor Pests in Tomatoes and Cucurbits Ryan Keiffer
  FEBRUARY 2023  
MP572 Arkansas Discovery Farms Program Summary Pearl Webb
  JANUARY 2023  
FSA68 Frequently Asked Question About Ad Hoc Rice Payments in the Fiscal Year 2023 Omnibus Package Hunter D. Biram
FSA7088 Monitoring for Spotted-Wing Drosophila in Blackberries in Arkansas Aaron Cato
  DECEMBER 2022  
MP467 2023 Arkansas Small Fruit Management Schedule Sherrie Smith
  NOVEMBER 2022  
FSPPC324 How to Run an Effective Meeting: How to Draft Bylaws for Your Organization Julie Robinson
  OCTOBER 2022  
FSCPED120 Quick Guide: How to Create a
County-Based Leadership Program
Julie Robinson
  SEPTEMBER 2022   
FSA67 Economic Implications for Arkansas Agriculture of State-Level Adoption of Section 179 Rules Hunter D. Biram
FSA3160 Managing Haemonchosis in Sheep and Goats Eva M. Wray
FSA66 Margin Protection Crop Insurance: A Way to Manage the Risk of High Input Costs Hunter D. Biram
MP570 Arkansas Distribution of Fertilizer Sales by County Nathan Slaton
  AUGUST 2022   
FSFCS158 Should I Buy or Rent? Laura Hendrix
FSA3045SP Manejo de Parasitos Internos en el Ganado de Carne y de Leche Eva M. Wray
FSA3045R Managing Internal Parasites in Beef and Dairy Cattle Eva M. Wray
  JULY 2022  
FSA9115 Wildlife Enterprises: Economic Considerations Becky McPeake
MP518SP Criando Abejas Reinas De Calidad Jon Zawislak
  JUNE 2022  
FSA65 Economic Contribution of Agriculture to the Arkansas Economy in 2020 Leah English
  MAY 2022  
FSA9114 Controlling Pocket Gophers in Arkansas Becky McPeake
FSA5035 White Oak Sustainability Series: The White Oak Resource in Arkansas and the Gulf Region Kyle Cunningham
MP571 Home Alone Handbook Brittney Schrick
  APRIL 2022  
FSA2202 Understanding Soil Health Matt Fryer
  MARCH 2022  
FSA6158 Economic Analysis of Hops Production on an Established Grape Trellis in Arkansas Lizzy Herrera
FSA2201 Not all Liming Materials are Created Equal Leo Espinoza
FSPPC322 How to Run an Effective Meeting: How a Constitution and Bylaws Benefit Your Organization Julie Robinson
MP569 Modern Solutions for Rural Arkansas Infrastructure Julianne Dunn
FSPPC323 How to Run an Effective Meeting: Creating a Constitution for Your Organization Julie Robinson
  FEBRUARY 2022  
FSA2198 Understanding the Numbers in Your Irrigation Water Report Leo Espinoza
FSA2199 Gypsum as a Soil Amendment Leo Espinoza
FSA1101 Making Sense of Your Electric Utility Bills with Demand Charges Yi Liang
FSA2200 In-Season Potassium Management in Arkansas Soybean Carrie Ortel
FSA7083SP Manejo del Gusano Soldado en Pastos de Corte y Pastoreo Kelly Loftin
  JANUARY 2022  
MP44 Recommended Chemicals for Weed and Brush Control L. Tom Barber
MP144 Insecticide Recommendations for Arkansas Glenn Studebaker
MP154 Arkansas Plant Disease Control Products Guide Travis Faske
MP467 Arkansas Small Fruit Management Schedule 2022 Sherrie Smith
  DECEMBER 2021  
FSA1100 Corn Drying, Storage and Aflatoxin Levels Sammy Sadaka
FSPPC321 What is the Buffalo River Watershed Management Plan? Kristin Higgins
  NOVEMBER 2021  
FSA3158 Alfalfa Management Guide John Jennings
FSA3159 Trends in Arkansas Cattle Markets: Feeder Cattle Price Seasonality, 2011-2020 James L. Mitchell
FSA2197 Calibrating Single Nozzle Boom-less Sprayers Jason A. Davis
  OCTOBER 2021
MP568 2021 Recommended Seeding Rates and Establishment Practices for Winter Cover Crops in Arkansas Trent Roberts
FSA9628 Winter Drawdowns for Aquatic Weed Control and Pond Management George Selden
FSA2196 The Potential of Biochar as a Fertilizer Supplement and Soil Amendment James Burke
FSFCS146 Grilling and Tailgating Safety Jennifer Acuff
FSA6157 Constructing a Walk-in Dehydrator for Drying Hops
Lizzy Herrera
  SEPTEMBER 2021  
AG1290 Arkansas Watershed Steward Handbook John Pennington
FSA2161R Cogongrass: A Potentially Invasive Weed in Arkansas John Jennings
FSA2195 Compiling Precipitation Data Pearl Webb
COMM01 2023 UADA Desktop Calendar UADA
  AUGUST 2021  
FSA9803 Bacterial Water Sample Collection and Submission to a Water Quality Lab for Compliance with the Food Safety Modernization Act's Produce Safety Rule Amanda Perez
FSPPC319 Citizenship in Action: How the Redistricting Process Works in Arkansas Kristin Higgins
FSPPC320 The Arkansas Food Freedom Act & Hobbyist Beekeeper Operations Jon Zawislak
FSFCS144 Removing Human Norovirus from Food Production Environments: U.S. EPA List G and the Pesticide Product and Label System Sarah Jones
FSA9102R Snakes of Arkansas Becky McPeake
FSPPC318 The Arkansas Food Freedom Act: Making and Selling Homemade Food and Drinks in Arkansas Kristin Higgins
  JULY 2021  

Economic Contribution of Agriculture to the Arkansas Economy in 2019

Leah English

Ácido Prúsico

John Jennings

Sistema de Pastoreo de 300 Días en Arkansas - Primeros Pasos

John Jennings
  JUNE 2021  
MP560 Sustainable Practices for Plasticulture Strawberry Production in the South Amanda McWhirt
  MAY 2021  
MP567 Max Use Rates per Application and per Season for Common Herbicides Thomas R. Butts
MP566 Application Cut-Off Timings for Common Herbicides Thomas R. Butts
FSFCS143 Removing SARS-CoV-2 from Food Production Environments: US EPA List N for Chemical Surface Disinfection Adam Baker
FSA6156 Hops Production in Arkansas Amanda McWhirt
FSA2194 Soybean Development Stage Predictions Larry Purcell
HR001LTR Human Resources Letterhead Human Resources
HR001ENV1 Human Resources Little Rock Office Envelopes Human Resources
HR001ENV2 Human Resources Fayetteville Office Envelopes Human Resources
FSA3157 Livestock Health Series: White Muscle Disease in Lambs and Kids Chelsey Kimbrough
FSA2139 (Revised) General Traits of Forage Grasses Grown in Arkansas John Jennings
FSA19 (Revised) Establishing Bermudagrass for Forage John Jennings
  APRIL 2021  
FSA7568SP Manejo de las Enfermedades del Tomate en Arkansas Sherrie Smith
FSA9627 Unlocking Heirs' Property: What Can You Do? Henry English
FSA6155 Understanding Pesticide Residues on Fruit and Vegetables: Fact vs. Fiction Amanda McWhirt
  MARCH 2021  
FSA6130 (Revised) Small Fruit Cultivar Recommendations for Arkansas Amanda McWhirt
FSA7577 (Revised) Boxwood Blight: A New Ornamental Disease Threat Keiddy Urrea-Morawicki,
Sherrie Smith
  FEBRUARY 2021  
FSFCS137 Strategies to Reduce Sugar Intake: The Role of Artificial Sweeteners Versus Sugar Alcohols Jamie Baum
FSFCS138 Vegan versus Vegetarian: What's the Difference? Jamie Baum
FSFCS136 Healthy Dietary Patterns Jamie Baum
FSFCS135 The Science of Intermittent Fasting Jamie Baum
FSA62 Using Alternate Wetting and Drying (AWD) Rice Flood Management Christopher Henry
FSFCS134 Dietary Guidelines for Americans 2020-2025: A Summary Jamie Baum
MP565 Eat Well and Move EFNEP
FSPPC317 How To Run An Effective Meeting: Parlimentary Procedure Basics Kristin Higgins
FSA9113 Wildlife Enterprises Becky McPeake
FSA3156 Livestock Health Series: Sore Mouth in Sheep and Goats Chelsey Kimbrough
  JANUARY 2021  
MP564 2021 Rural Profile of Arkansas Wayne Miller, Ellie Wheeler
MP558 (Revised) Arkansas Common Cucurbit Problems 2021 Sherrie Smith
MP467 (Revised) Arkansas Small Fruit Management Schedule 2021 Sherrie Smith
FSA1099 Energy Consumption and Conservation Opportunities for Arkansas Broiler Production Yi Liang
MP144 2021 Insecticide Recommendations for Arkansas Glenn Studebaker
MP44 2021 Recommended Chemicals for Weed and Brush Control L. Tom Barber
MP154 2021 Arkansas Plant Disease Control Products Guide Travis Faske


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