UACES Facebook Insecticide Recommendations for Arkansas - MP144
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Insecticide Recommendations for Arkansas - MP144

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The information given herein is supplied with the understanding that no discrimination is intended and no endorsement by the  University of Arkansas System Division of Agriculture is implied. The agrichemical recommendations herein are consistent with current federal and state pesticide labeling as of the date of publication. Revisions in labels can occur at any time. For your safety before using any recommended pesticide, always read the product label.

This presentation is inherently visual in nature and cannot be effectively communicated in a non-visual manner. With the passing of the federal law Section 508 and the Arkansas Information Technology Access for the Blind Law (Act 1227 of 1999), it has become imperative that all agencies be compliant with these laws. If you require assistance with interpreting the material presented in this document, please contact the University of Arkansas Division of Agriculture Digital Media Program Manager.