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Peeling Tomatoes the Easy Way

Cooking with Extension

by Original Author: JoAnn Vann, Clark County | Adapted for Blog: Katie Cullum, White County

Learn the trick to peeling tomatoes quickly and easily!  This time-saving method can also save more product to use.

What you need:

  • Pot of boiling water
  • Bowl of ice water
  • Extra bowl (to put peels in) 


  1. On the bottom of a tomato, slice an X in the skin of the tomato.
  2. Dunk it into the boiling water for no more than a minute.
  3. After 1 minute, submerge the tomato in the bowl of ice water.  As you watch, the skin will begin to peel away.
  4. Peel the tomato easily!  
  5. Repeat until all tomatoes and peeled.
  6. Great for salsa or a salad!