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How to Save Money on Cheese

by Original content: JoAnn Vann, Clark County | Adapted for blog: Katie Cullum, White County

cheese on a cutting board, some whole some shredded
Cheese can be more affordable in block form.

How can you get the best buy for your money on cheese?  Should you get block cheese or shredded cheese?

  • Price - Which one is cheaper?  The block of cheese comes out to 22 cents/ounce.  The shredded cheese is about 49 cents/ounce.  
  • Convenience - anti-caking agents.  The shredded cheese has anit-caking agents, so it doesn't clump.  The block cheese that you shred doesn't have this, and can clump. But the shredded cheese also has those fillers, so it's not as much value.
  • Time.  The shredded cheese can save more time but the block has more value.
  • "I need a fancy cheese set to use block cheese!" Not really.  Just use unflavored dental floss to cut it. And, with this way to cut, you can eat cheese as a snack instead of spending more money on cubed cheese. 
  • "It dries out!"  Wrap it up like a present in paper - parchment paper, brown paper, etc.  
  • And it's healthy!  Everyone needs calcium and cheese is a good way to get it.  To learn more about the dairy group, check out this publication from our website.
 Check out JoAnn's video for all the details!