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Nine Tips to Stay Warm without Turning up the Heat

During the colder parts of the year, it can be tricky to stay warm without cranking up the heat. Fortunately, there are methods to help you stay warm that don't involve increasing your utility bill. Here are nine cost effective ways to help you stay warm this winter.

Tip 1 Dress in layers

Everyone knows as we go outside, we should layer up. But what about if we're staying inside? You can apply the same principle if you stay inside. Also, layers will insulate your body and make it easier to regulate your body temperature. You can add or remove layers as you need to stay comfortable during the day.

Tip 2 Wear Thick socks or slippers

Keeping your feet warm will make your whole body feel warmer for an extra cozy feel. Slip into a pair of wool socks. A tip: If you're inside or outside, cut a wool lining for your shoes. Just simply take out your insole, trace out something that's wool. Maybe an old sweater that felted, cut it out, slip it in your shoe and you have a toasty warm shoe all day.

Tip 3 Use ovens and stove tops

The oven and stove both generate heat in our kitchens. This is why it's recommended in the warmer months to do no bake, no cook meals. But in the colder months the opposite is true. Use the stove and oven often to help warm your house.

Tip 4 Leave the Oven Door Open after Baking

Every time you use your oven during the colder months leave it open after you've turned it off from your baking. This will allow the hot air to escape and add more heat to your room. However, be cautious about doing this. If you have children or pets in your home, make sure they can't reach the heat coming out of the door or inside the oven. Never use the oven as a primary source of heat, especially if your appliances use natural gas, because using natural gas for long periods can increase carbon monoxide levels in your home.

Tip 5 Enjoy a Cup of Soup

Besides warming up your space when you're making the soup, when you have a cup of soup it really does warm us on the inside. So if we're layering clothing and having cups of soup then we're warm on the inside and the outside.

Tip 6 Drink Warm Beverage

In addition to hot meals, you can apply the same principle of warming yourself on the inside with your beverage choices. Now I know in the South where we love our iced tea that this might be a time in our cold months to switch over to warm tea. You can also enjoy warm coffee, cider, hot chocolate or any other warm drink that can warm your hands and warm you on the inside.

Tip 7 Reverse your Ceiling Fan

It might seem counterintuitive or not make any sense to run your ceiling fan, but if you run it counterclockwise, it actually pushes down the hot air from your ceiling area down to your living and sitting area. Be sure and turn the fan on low and make sure it is reversed to push the hot air down towards you.

Tip 8 Don't run your Bathroom Fan

After showering or bathing, humidity can make a space feel warmer. So skip using the bathroom fan after you shower, then leave the bathroom door open and let the humidity spread to other places in your home. However, if mold tends to grow in your bathroom due to high humidity, consider using your bathroom fan at least a few minutes.

 Tip 9 Do something active

Movement does generate body heat and there are many ways to get your body temperature up while you're being active. For instance, you could clean the house, exercise, tackle home repair or play a game. Consider setting a timer as a reminder to get up and move every so often so your body doesn't become too cold and stiff so that you don't feel like being active.

Try these exercises that take 10 minutes and keep you warmer: