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Beat Back the Holiday Blues


Are you one of the millions of people who get the blues at the holidays?

Good news, you can learn some tips to help beat back those blues.

I saw a social media post recently that talked about what is hard in life. The good is hard and takes work and the bad is hard to cope with too and occurs for a variety of reasons-some we can control and some we can’t. The truth is - It depends on how we  choose our "hard".

The biggest blues buster is to get rid of unrealistic expectations.

Easier said than done. True, but we can do it! You’ve heard that saying: is the glass half full or half empty? If we’re honest, we probably would say it depends. Most of us are a combination of pessimist and optimist.

We are disappointed with the holidays and other events when we build up the expectation that it will be wonderful and perfect and the best ever. Everyone will get along, any negative feelings we have will magically disappear, everything will work, everyone will like everything, and on and on.

So when reality hits, we still have feelings to cope with, bills coming in, everyday household tasks to take care of, etc.

Number one on the list is get rid of unrealistic unrealistic expectations. If you would like more information about beating the blues contact me or anyone of your local county Extension offices.