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Konnecting with Kris Blog

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Five tips to Strengthen Happiness

 What makes you happy? Only 10-15% of Americans report being happy. Learn five tips that can increase your happiness. Will winning the lottery make you happy? Not likely, according to David Myers, a happiness researcher.

Money does not buy happiness. Rich people are no happier than people with average incomes. In addition, older people are neither happier than young people, and men have no advantage over women. So, who is happy?

Here are five tips to promote personal happiness and to help you find joyfulness for you and your family. In this unexpected time in our lives. Only ten to fifteen percent of Americans identify themselves as truly happy.

Now, certain personality traits, such as being an extrovert, being agreeable, conscientious, they're related to happiness. However, in the right situation, anyone can be happy. People that are most happy are the ones that their work and their personal life provide them an opportunity to use their special set of skills.

Happiness is also linked to meaningful relationships. Individuals who are happy are supported by close relationships with family members, friends, and fellow employees. Such relationships help fulfill our need to belong to something bigger than ourselves.

Forget the lottery ticket instead. Make time for a friend. Help a fellow worker, set your sights on a challenge, and enjoy the experience. Look to your network of friends and family. Use your skills to make a difference whether at home or at work.

Tip 1 Work on something challenging

Hard work can be fulfilling, as you see and believe in the purpose of the task. What challenging task can you take on?

Tip 2 Do something for others

Service helps to connect us with others. It shows we care for others and helps them care for us. Service builds relationships.

Tip 3 Smile

Often, it's been said if you smile, the world smiles with you. Having a cheerful disposition can dramatically influence how people interact with you. When we are happy, we draw people to us and develop a greater support system.

Even a brief exchange of smiles connects us momentarily to others. So, make a point to smile. It's kind of hard right now while wearing masks, but you can always smile with your eyes.

Tip 4 Join a group

Participate in a club, a church group or community group. It can provide many opportunities. It can broaden your network of relationships, provide opportunities for service, and provide a meaningful cause or purpose to which you can contribute your skill sets. Give someone a break.

Tip 5 Recognize that somethings won't be done to your pleasing

 You might be cut off on the road and begin thinking all drivers are rude, or someone may have forgotten your special day. When things do not go your way, you can provide helpful feedback if necessary. But don't be disagreeable. Don't harbor your feelings. Don't process it over and over and over again. Forgive, forget, and move on. Can you give someone a break today?

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