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Water - the magic elixir for all that (or at least some of what) ails you!

It’s a NEW YEAR!  Did you make any resolutions? What if I told you about a magic elixir that could:

  • Help you lose weight (was that one of your resolutions?!)
  • Improve your skin (do I look old? Don’t answer that!)
  • Fight off sickness (were you sick during the holidays like I was?)
  • Improve your mood? (please give me some quick!)

You’d want to know what sort of magic I was selling!  But what if I told you that you could get this magic stuff for practically free?! No pressure selling, no monthly installments, no automatic shipments! 

Wow – what is this elixir?!  Plain and simple water!  Turn on the tap and start drinking up!

Which one is your favorite?

Is drinking water that beneficial?

Yes, water is very beneficial for your health.  If you want to be healthier this new year, just drinking more water can be a small step that can make a big impact. 

Like I said, water can help with losing weight.  It has zero calories (as opposed to that lemonade with 120 calories or a latte with 140 calories).  And research tells us that drinking water 20 minutes before meals makes us feel fuller which can then reduce the number of calories we normally consume. 

Water can help improve skin – water absorbed by cells improves the elasticity and moisture of our skin which is especially good this time of year.  My skin usually gets a little dry, but I can tell a difference when I keep drinking lots of water.

Water can also aid with congestion and it helps keep our bodies in good condition.  That can help prevent many seasonal colds and flus (and use water and soap to wash those hands often also!).  Water can also keep your temperature normal.  You may need even more water when you are running a fever or if you have diarrhea or vomiting. 

Dehydration can make us irritable and less comfortable, which can lead to some moodiness.  So, stay hydrated and feel better! Drinking water helps to get rid of wastes through urination, perspiration, and bowel movements. 

Water can also help in many other ways such as:

  • reducing cancer risk
  • assisting with digestion
  • fueling your muscles you’re exercising
  • improving your brain to help you focus and remember
  • keeping those kidneys healthy

Now, there are many different suggestions on how MUCH water you should consume.  The CDC recommends letting thirst be your guide.  Drink when thirsty and drink with meals.  About 80% of your fluid intake comes from beverages but the rest comes from foods you eat.  The more fluids you get, the better you’ll feel!

But I know what some people say, “I don’t like water!”

There are ways to make water more appealing. 

Add a lemon or lime slice.  Infuse your water with fruits and even vegetables like cucumber!  Carry a water bottle with you and refill it during the day.  The new water fountains make this easy! 

Our office noticed that we started drinking more water after we got an ice machine!  Choose water more often.  You can save a lot of money when eating out if you choose water instead of other beverages!  And you’ll save calories too.

Remember, those small steps can make you feel better all over! 

So, start small and replace one other beverage with a big cup of water.  Then keep adding until you don’t feel thirsty.   You can make a healthy habit of drinking water this year!  Water you waiting for?