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Choose YOUR New Year's Resolution or a word for the year!


by Katie Cullum

Happy New Year!

white walls with 3 white doors and the word CHOOSE above doors
You can choose which door to open.  You make choices every day - what will you choose for today?

Did you make any New Year’s Resolutions?  Or are you in the “been there, done that, failed in 5 days” camp?  Or maybe you’ve been successful with resolutions in the past?

I’ve seen other ways to celebrate the new year – with a word.  One word for the year.  I heard Jon Gordon speak at a conference several years ago, and I follow him on Twitter. He mentioned that he’s had One Word each year for several years and how there’s even a #onewordchallenge.  Do you have One Word?

I choose to do One Word instead of resolutions this year.  My word is CHOOSE.  But I can add more to it to challenge myself.

Choose….healthy foods most of the time.

Choose….how I react to people (be positive, don’t let negativity get me down, etc.).

Choose….regular physical activity.

Choose….kindness. To everyone.  Even when I’m frustrated that the Christmas gift I ordered before Christmas is STILL not here. 

Choose….patience, especially with those closest to me.

Choose….simplicity. Maybe a capsule wardrobe – I have a “work” wardrobe of mostly black pants, logo shirt, and sweater/vest.  I could do with just less stuff.

Choose….gratitude. I can be thankful for heat, warm clothes, running water, enough food, a job, and so many other things.  Why should I stress about how many “likes” I get?!

Choose….to clean & declutter regularly.  This goes along with simplicity!   A house that is clean & tidy makes me feel more relaxed, more able to get things done.  But if I let it slide into cluttered with dirty dishes and toilets, then I get frustrated and don’t want to do anything.  It’s depressing! 

Choose….to make good financial decisions. Think ahead. Plan ahead. 

I had planned for an afternoon coffee at a coffee place last week.  It was my treat for the week!  But then, I saw the drive-through line….and didn’t stop.  I saved a little money and made hot tea at home instead.  It was simpler, cheaper, and took less time.  But I had to wait and be patient.  When we ask our kids to be patient, are we demonstrating how to do that?  Do we show patience to others – in school traffic, or in the drive-through line? 

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