UACES Facebook Made at Home: What's in Your Lunchbox? #3 - Prep Ahead
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What's in YOUR (or your kid's) lunchbox? This new Made at Home series can help you fill the lunchboxes with healthy AND quick food. Each session, Becca Stackhouse (UGA Extension, Crisp County) and I will be talking about a different lunch issue and showing you a healthy lunch recipe. Today, it's Prep Ahead - how to make lunches ahead of time!

Made at Home: What's in Your Lunchbox? #3 - Prep Ahead

by Katie Cullum, Becca Stackhouse (UGA Extension)

Would you like to prep your lunches ONCE for the week?  That sounds great!  In this lesson, we'll discuss bowls, salads, sandwiches, Bento boxes, leftovers, and more.  Keep food safety in mind.  Prepared food or leftovers only last 3-4 days in the refrigerator.  So you may want to plan a Sunday prep for the beginning of the week, and Tuesday or Wednesday prep for the rest of the week.  

Becca demonstrates making a burrito bowl in the video. Becca used the following, but you can be creative!  I've used quinoa in place of rice.  

  • rice 
  • vegetables (peppers, onions, sweet potatoes, corn, etc.)
  • beans (you can use different kinds and mix them up)
  • for more protein, you can add chicken, beef, pork, 
  • Top with salsa, avocado, etc. 

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