UACES Facebook Made at Home: What's in Your Lunchbox? #2 - Grab & Go!
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What's in YOUR (or your kid's) lunchbox? This new Made at Home series can help you fill the lunchboxes with healthy AND quick food. Each session, Becca Stackhouse (UGA Extension, Crisp County) and I will be talking about a different lunch issue and showing you a healthy lunch recipe. Today, it's Grab and Go lunches - quick and healthy!

Made at Home: What's in Your Lunchbox? #2 - Grab & Go!

by Katie Cullum

We want to grab a lunch and run out the door in the morning, don't we?  But is that "grab" a good choice or just an easy choice? 

photo of packaged lunch items
Packaged isn't always unhealthy.  Choose lower sugar, whole grain, etc.  This lunch has a frozen sandwich, cheese stick, baby carrots, applesauce, and 100% fruit juice.

You can grab a good choice by using MyPlate! There are plenty of grab & go options in each of the 5 food groups.  And some pre-packaged items can be good choices, if you supplement them.  For instance, pre-packaged Bento boxes (such as Lunchables), usually include a meat, cheese, crackers, and maybe even a dessert.  So you have protein, dairy, grain.  Just add in a vegetable and fruit!  And choose healthier options in your packages (lower sugar, lower sodium, no dessert, whole grain, etc.).

Don't forget hand wipes, ice packs, and reusable utensils (if needed). Use an insulated bag to keep those cold foods cold.  

Becca shows up how to make a homemade Bento box using MyPlate for our recipe demo.

graphic of MyPlate with suggestions
A homemade lunch kit (as Becca suggested) with all of the food groups from MyPlate!

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