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Arkansas Deer-Resistant Plants  

Arkansas gardeners love to plant a variety of flowers and trees but often deer love these plants just as much as we do. Conflicts between deer and landscaped spaces are due to the urbanization of rural areas and increase when deer are under stress.

No plant can be deer-proof.

Luckily, there are many things you can do to reduce the risk of deer ruining your landscape. You can apply deer repellents and restrict their access to your land with fencing, although that can become expensive. The video below provides information about using electric fence designs to deter white-tailed deer.

Download our publication for using Electric Fence Designs for Deterring White-tailed Deer.

However, the easiest way to deter deer is to landscape using plants that deer prefer not to eat.

Check out our list below to find out the best plants for your garden that won't entice local deer.

yellow leaves on a ginko tree

Deer-Resistant Trees

Deer damage trees in trees in two ways: by eating the foliage and twigs, and by rubbing against the bark with their antlers.  In deer prone areas, large trees with high branches are the best choice.  

Oleander shrub with delicate pink flowers

Deer-Resistant Shrubs

Ribbon grass

Deer-Resistant Ground Covers

Climbing Hydrangea on a stone bench

Deer-Resistant Vines

Light purplish pink coneflowers

Deer-Resistant Perennials