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Hydrangea anomala subsp. petiolaris: Climbing Hydrangea

This is a deciduous climbing vine that will reach 30 to 40' if situated properly. It climbs by root-like holdfasts which 'glue' the stems to walls, fences, trees, etc. 

In Arkansas, this plant must be located in at least partial shade. The soil should be amended with organic matter and kept moist especially in the summer months.

Climbing Hydrangea is native to Japan. A closely related vine is Japanese Hydrangea-vine (Schizophragma hydrangeoides).  An easy way to distinguish this vine from Climbing Hydrangea is the number of sepals in the outer ring of sterile flowers: on Climbing Hydrangea there is an average of 4 sepals, on Japanese Hydrangea-vine there is only a single sepal.  Japanese Hydrangea-vine also differs in flowering time (after Climbing Hydrangea) and in the fact that it protrudes less from structures.

Picture closeup of Climbing Hydrangea white flowers.


Picture of Climbing Hydrangea on corner of multi-story building.  White flowers are visible.