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See the World Through My Eyes

Hey! Remember when I was born? You cuddled me and played with me. You took care of me and laughed with me. And even now, we have great times together. I love being with you.

My arrival has also brought many challenges. At times, it may seem like I'm trying to make you crazy. I'm sorry.

girl holding teddy bear

That's not what I want to do. I'm just trying to figure out this world and how to grow up in it. The things you do make sense to you. You understand why you do them. You have a good reason for doing them. 

As a child, the things I do make sense to me.

I have reasons for doing them, even though you may not understand them. Unfortunately, I can't always communicate with words the things I want or need.

In some ways I'm similar to most children but in other ways I am different from any other child you know. I'm unique. Just because you understand other children doesn't mean you have me figured out.

It takes a long time to learn all the things an adult is supposed to know.

When I was first born, all I did was eat, fuss, and fill my diaper. In the first years of my life, I am learning many new skills: cooing, smiling, crawling, climbing, walking, talking, playing, sharing--and grabbing, helping, spilling, hugging, phew! So much to learn!

On this page you'll find guides to help us work through some of the challenges we'll face in the months and years ahead.

Will you try to see the world through my eyes? When you do, we will get along better.

Thanks for being kind and patient with me as we learn and grow together.

You make a big difference!

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