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Around the Homestead PodcastAround the Homestead podcast with brad mcginley and shaun rhoades - silhouette of a tree with chickens.

Welcome to the Around the Homestead Podcast, where county agents hosts, Brad McGinley and Shaun Rhoades share information on topics from gardens to goats.  Our aim is to provide small farmers and landowners valuable education on projects that may arise around the homestead. Whether you have been on the homestead all your life or have just began the farm lifestyle, we hope you garner helpful tips to make your rural lifestyle most rewarding. 

Our podcast covers topics such as:

Planning a garden, composting, dealing with wildlife, backyard poultry and more!

Podcast Episodes

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Join Brad and Shaun as they discuss the steps needs to create a thriving vegetable garden!

(Transcript coming soon.)

Find out more about vegetable gardens on the UADA website.


Join Brad, Shaun, and Extension Aquaculture Specialist, George Selden as they discuss controlling algae and pond weeds.

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For more information check out our publications on Farm Pond Management
Aquatic Vegetation Control in Arkansas (MP556)

Farm Pond Management for Recreational Fishing (MP360)

Arkansas County Extension Agents Brad McGinley and Shaun Rhoades discuss common issues home gardeners face when growing tomatoes.

They discuss common diseases as well as abiotic disorders caused by environmental factors and herbicide damage. They also give gardeners tactics to use to help prevent potential problems as well as discussing ways to diagnoses issues.

(Transcript coming soon.)

For more helpful info on growing tomatoes, visit the tomato gardening page.