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Welcome to Self Sufficient U

Your Clark County, Arkansas Extension team invites you to learn all about leading a self-sufficient life. From raising food to managing finances, we give you the tools to learn how to live and independent, healthy, and financially secure life.

The Clark County Cooperative Extension Service invites you to join the journey to a more self-sufficient lifestyle.  From city dwellers with little or no ground space to country folks with multiple acres, our new Self-Sufficient U education series will help you become less dependent on the supply chain, increase your DIY skills, and improve the outcomes of your efforts using research-based information, recommendations, and hands-on learning opportunities.

Our blog covers self-sufficient topics such as:learn how to be self sufficient lettering with family gardening photo

  • Growing your own food
  • DIY projects around the home to save money and up-cycle materials on-hand
  • Raising large or small livestock
  • Preparing for emergencies
  • Preserving food you harvest or catch on sale
  • Reducing waste by maximizing usage of every resource available
  • Teaching kids life skills

Those are just a few of topics we will posting about as part of our Self-Sufficient U series. 

Follow us on this blog, our Self-Sufficient U Facebook Page, or on Instagram and join our newsletter list for all the latest on self-sufficient living.

We can be reached at the Clark County Cooperative Extension Office at 640 S 6th St, Arkadelphia, at 870-246-2281, on the Clark County Extension website, or email us at

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