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Hobby and Small Flock Poultry in Arkansas

small poultry flock and poultry house
Avian Influenza, commonly known as “bird flu" or "AI," is an infectious disease of birds caused by type A Influenza viruses. The disease is carried by many wild bird species including migratory waterfowl like ducks and geese, which show few if any clinical signs of the disease. Influenza in birds is very contagious and can cause severe illness and death in domestic species such as chickens and turkeys.

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There is renewed interest in poultry keeping and the hobby continues to grow at a phenomenal rate. Many cities and municipalities are changing their ordinances to allow people to keep poultry. 

Extension personnel conduct workshops for 4H and youth interested in poultry selection, judging, and showmanship. The extension poultry chain continues to be a huge success with poultry chain chicks delivered by extension personnel to almost every county in Arkansas. 

Arkansas poultry extension personnel also assist the small poultry flock owners in the state. Numerous educational workshops and seminars are conducted in the counties of Arkansas.

These educational programs address a variety of topics such as:

  •  Breed selection for small flocks
  • Disease recognition, prevention, and control
  •  Poultry husbandry and care
  • Other areas of interest to small flock owners.

For additional information on the locations, dates, and times, for small flock workshops and seminars near you, contact your local county agent. 

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