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Growing Vegetables in Arkansas

field of lettuce growing in the sunA well managed garden can offer a continuous supply of nutritious vegetables and relaxation all year long.  As we become aware of the benefits of vegetables to our health and nutrition, gardening is one of the best ways to introduce the family to better eating habits.

Arkansas gardening has no boundaries except a desire to grow things.  The garden may be as small as several pots or containers on a deck or as large as an acre or more. 

Gardening is an activity that bridges the generations. 

In this section:

A-Z Vegetable Gardening

Spring & Summer Planting Dates

Fall Planting Dates

Straw Bale Gardening

Summer Squash Gardening

Creating a Raised Bed Garden

Safe Use of Rain Barrel Water

Grow Your Own Groceries Webinars

Beginning Gardening Videos

Hobby Greenhouses

Tomato gardening


More gardening resources

"In the Garden" was a weekly gardening column by Janet Carson, Retired Extension Horticulture Specialist, which was featured in the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette. 

Q&As for all publications are archived at the Horticulture Reference Desk.

Canning and Food Preservation


Plant Health Clinic

Vegetable Weights Per Bushel