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Life Skills and Wellness Resources in Arkansas

Arkansas Extension Life Skills and Wellness programs empower individuals and families to thrive. Extension affords Arkansans immediate and timely access to cutting-edge, reliable, unbiased information to develop critical life skills in health, nutrition, family life, and personal finance.

What is Family Consumer Science (FCS)? Family and Consumer Sciences, known as FCS, was founded as Home Economics. Today we study and apply the sciences that affect the ways humans relate with their environment, whether it's their home, food, or finances.

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FCS specialists offer resources to:

Training and Education

  • Best Care

    Receive up to 10 hours of verified face-to-face child care training annually.

  • Best Care Connected

    Receive up to 5 hours of verified online child care training annually.

  • Guiding Children Successfully

    Receive up to 35 hours of verified self-guided training.

  • ServSafe

    Earn nationally accredited food safety certification from the National Restaurant Association.

  • Explore SNAP-Ed

    Smart choices for life.

Life Skills & Wellness Blogs

Fridays are the best days of the week! Look for our research-based family life tips and resources on Fridays from our Family Life Team.

We offer easy, low-cost solutions to help get you through life happier and healthier.

Buying and eating local foods is not only better for the environment and your wallet, but it is better for your taste buds as well.

We can help you improve your resources one step at a time.

Follow our FCS agents for the latest on food, family, finances, and more!