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Credit can be a tool or a trap, depending upon how it is handled. Used well, credit can be an asset that helps build wealth as part of a financial plan. Used unwisely, credit can lead to excessive debt or even bankruptcy. It's important to learn to use credit wisely. Discover expert recommendations for managing credit.

What are credit reports and scores?

Consumers with high credit scores receive the best terms and lowest interest rates on loans. Lenders, insurance companies, and even potential employers may make decisions based on your credit report. There are three credit bureaus and you can obtain a free annual report from each. You must purchase your credit score.
Find out how to check your credit report and improve your credit score. 

Credit Repair

It's easy to whip out a credit card to pay for everything from utility bills to movie tickets. You may use credit cards for hundreds of purchases every year. Credit cards are easy to use, but credit card use can spin out of control.

High interest rates, fees, penalties and out-of-control spending may increase debt faster than your ability to pay. Whether you owe a few hundred dollars or several thousand.
These steps can can help you reduce debt.