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Need help with basic money management?

Research shows that consumers who use good financial management skills are happier, more productive, and more prepared to deal with times of stress.

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Getting Started with Financial Goals

Goals have a direct effect on how you spend your income. People who set goals are often more successful in achieving their dreams than people who don't plan ahead. Goal setters know where they are going and have a plan for how to get there. 

Financial goal setting tips
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Net Worth and Income

Identify your assets and liabilities. Use your net worth statement to track financial well-being.. Create an income statement sets a parameter for your spending plan. Use the free worksheet to create your individual net worth statement.

Determine your net worth.
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Creating Your Plan

Matches your income with your expenses and financial goals. We make spending choices every day – with or without a plan. The best way to meet financial goals and avoid ending up with "more month than money" is to have a plan. Planning is power.

Be powerful with a spending plan!
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Financial Recordkeeping

Good recordkeeping is an important financial management skill.  It helps you avoid financial mistakes, saves time, reduces stress, and increases peace of mind. Discover easy ways to keep your financial records in order.

Keep financial records in order.