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Soybean Production in Arkansas

Soybeans (Glycine max) are grown in 41 of the state’s 75 counties and on about 3.3 million acres. They rank as one of the top three crop commodities in cash receipts for Arkansas farmers generating about $1.7 billion annually. State average yields are about 40 bushels per acre.

Soybean producers who want to know more about choosing soybean seed with the same maturity date range can utilize software from our research team. Click the button below and scroll down the webpage to get the user manual and request the Excel data file from the research team.

Download SOYRISK software

More facts and resources about soybeans are below.

Soybean yield research plot near Helena, Arkansas (Photo courtesy Ryan Van Roekel)
  • Soybean meal is a high protein supplement for livestock and soybean is gaining popularity in human diets as well.
  • Biodiesel appears to be an expanding domestic market for US soybeans.
  • Approximately 30% to 40% of all US soybeans are exported. 

Soybean Production Practices

We are dedicated to providing up-to-date educational programs consisting of research-based information for profitable soybean production.

2024 Soybean Cross Reference Guide

2024 Arkansas Soybean Quick Facts

2023 Metribuzin Tolerance Testing of Soybeans

2023 Arkansas Soybean Update

Soybean Yield Response: Planting Date and Maturity Groups in Arkansas

2020 SRVP Annual Report


Number Date Title
FSA7531 current Asian Soybean Rust (color)
FSA7532 current Asian Soybean Rust Fungicides and Aquatic Organisms
MP154 current

Arkansas Plant Disease Control Products Guide

Soybean - Seed Treatments

Soybean - Foliar Diseases

Fungicide Efficacy for Control of Foliar Soybean Diseases

Soybean - Nematodes

n/a current 2020 Arkansas Soybean Disease Screening
Evaluation of soybean cultivars for reaction to Root-knot Nematode, Soybean Cyst Nematode Race 2, 4, 5,14, Reniform Nematode, Stem Canker and Frogeye Leaf Spot.

Disease Management | Field Crops website - Pest Management | Farm & Ranch | Arkansas Extension

Arkansas Variety Testing - Soybean website - Research & Extension | Division of Agriculture | University of Arkansas System

Row Crop Verification website -  Farm & Ranch | Arkansas Extension

Soil Test Reports Online

Agricultural Technology website - Farm & Ranch | Arkansas Extension


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