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FieldWatch, Inc.® for Arkansas Producers

With efforts to promote communication and cooperation, Arkansas pesticide applicators can identify pesticide-sensitive crops and beehives to adjust their spraying accordingly. This is made possible by unique online platforms offered in partnership between FieldWatch, Inc.® and the University of Arkansas System Division of Agriculture.

About FieldWatch

FieldWatch, Inc.® is a nonprofit company that hosts a registry of mapped locations with pesticide-sensitive crops and bee hives. The platform helps applicators, growers of specialty crops and beekeepers communicate about the location of crops and hives to improve stewardship. 

The database of registered sites provides a collaborative communication tool for farmers and applicators to prevent drift damage to their neighbors. The partnership between FieldWatch and the Division of Agriculture’s Cooperative Extension Service enables Arkansas producers to access other FieldWatch products, including Driftwatch™, BeeCheck™, and FieldCheck™. 

Getting Started with FieldWatch

A map of Arkansas provided by Field Watch, indicating crops and beehives registered in the database.

There is no cost to sign up or use the registry, and enrollment is voluntary. Both commercial and hobby beekeepers can use the system.  For crop sites, the state data steward will only approve locations submitted by managers and owners of commercial crop fields, of at least a half-acre in size. The stewardship platforms provided by FieldWatch are not intended for homeowners or those with small gardens.

Pesticide applicators have different options for viewing locations registered in the system.  All crop and commercial horticulture producers, beekeepers, and applicators in Arkansas can go to the FieldWatch website and create an account to get started.

Learn more about the FieldWatch® programs on their webpage for frequently asked questions.


Close up of a soybean field being with a spray boom activily spraying the crop and pulled by a tractor.Commercial Row Crop and Horticulture Producers

DriftWatch™ is a technology platform designed for managers and owners of crop fields used for commercial production, of at least a half-acre in size. The Arkansas database comprises over 20 crop types. These include row crops, horticulture, evergreens, and floriculture. The site allows farmers and producers to map out their cropping systems using an online mapping tool. Users can enter details about the crop site to include growing conditions, pesticide tolerances, and comments for the public registry. Upon approval by the state data steward, submitted planting sites are entered into the registered public database. 

Visit the DriftWatch™ web page to learn more and start registering your crops.


A brightly colored assortment of beehive boxes stacked on the edge of a blooming sunflower field.Beekeepers and Apiaries

BeeCheck™ is an online registry for beehives and apiaries.  It is designed for both commercial and hobby beekeepers.  Users of BeeCheck can map out hives and apiary sites and provide their contact information, empowering a collaborative communication tool between beekeepers and pesticide applicators.

Note:  Beehives owned by crops and commercial horticulture producers can be registered through their DriftWatch account.

Visit the BeeCheck™ website to set up an account and register your hive locations.


A bright yellow crop duster flying low over a tasseling corn field with a bright blue sky in the background.Pesticide Applicators

FieldWatch registries are voluntary and publicly available.  Applicators can access the map of registered crop and beehive locations on the FieldWatch website.  For added benefits, applicators can register with FieldCheck™ and subscribe to area-specific email notifications for new specialty crops and beehive registries approved in their “alert area.”

To sign up as an applicator, go to the FieldCheck™ website.