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Commercial Horticulture in Arkansas

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Diagnosing a Farm Profitability Problem (FSA-9512) - This Arkansas Extension publication describes a procedure for diagnosing the source of a farm profitability issue.

Estate Planning Defined (FSFCS56) - This Arkansas Extension fact sheet provides information on the steps and terminology involved in the various aspects of estate planning.

USDA Risk Management Agency - The Risk Management Agency is part of the USDA with the goal of assisting producers manage risk through effective risk management solutions. The three divisions of the RMA include: Insurance Services, Research and Development (R&D), and Risk Compliance.

Marketing Your Products Directly (FSA-31) - This Arkansas Extension publication shows you how to market your products directly and legal considerations.

Economics & Marketing | University of Arkansas Extension - This Arkansas Extension webpage provides various links to cash market prices, futures market prices, USDA reports, market commentary and analysis, and other market related analysis.

Arkansas Grown - This website was developed by the Arkansas Agriculture Department (AAD) to help potential buyers locate Arkansas producers. Any resident of Arkansas who produces an agricultural product in our state may, at no charge, list their marketing information here. AAD may also make this information available for distribution in other formats.

USDA Agricultural Marketing Service - This website provides information on the various AMS programs, discusses current hot topics in agriculture , and provides various web resources to assist producers.

USDA National Organic Program - National Organic Program website that supplies links for certifying agents, consumer information, NOP regulations and policies, producers, handlers, and processors, and state information as well as a link to the National Organics Standards Board.

Farmdoc Law & Taxation | University of Illinois - The educational materials provided on this site can assist producers, as well as others, in understanding the impact of laws and regulations on agri-related decisions and activities. Topics on this site include: Agricultural Biotechnology, Selling Agricultural Products, Acquiring Farmland, Water, Natural Resources & Environment, Labor Law, and Taxation.

Farm Labor Laws and Regulations | Ohio State University Extension - This site provided by Ohio State University gives a summary of labor laws and regulations that affect agriculture.

United States Department of Labor - Arkansas Services - Link to the United States Department of Labor website.

Ornamental Horticulture Businesses: Licenses (FSA-6099) - This Arkansas Extension publication highlights requirements related to starting an ornamental horticulture business.

Nursery Automation | University of Arkansas Extension  - This Arkansas Extension grant allowed researchers and industry to work together to develop a cost-effective way of obtaining nursery inventory.

A Guide to Strategically Managing Green Industry Firms | Horticultural Business Information Network - This site provides a guide to strategically managing green industry firms.