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Palmer Amaranth Management (PAM) 
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The Palmer Amaranth Integrated Management Model (PAM) was developed using the Microsoft Excel® software platform to assist cotton, corn, and/or soybean producers, consultants, distributors, and extension personnel, in adopting integrated management tactics for the management of Palmer amaranth and promoting long-term economic viability of crop production through the minimization of adverse economic, human health, and environmental impacts associated with herbicide resistance.

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Decision-Support Tool for Managing Pigweed

The PAM software serves as a valuable decision-support tool for guiding integrated management of Palmer amaranth by utilizing existing research knowledge and providing a greater understanding of the long-term biological (seedbank size and persistence) and economic (improved cost-benefit analysis) implications of various management choices. Decision support will allow improved crop production and profitability through adoption of IPM tactics that preserve the long-term utility of available herbicide options, and minimize the human health risks and environmental impacts associated with herbicide resistance.

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