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Gardening from the Ground Up!

Are you new to gardening? Learn everything you need to know about gardening in Arkansas from our Extension Agents Cory Tyler, Brad Runsick, and Cody Stroud.

Episode 1: How do I select a location for my garden?

Find out from our experts exactly how and where to establish your new garden. Watch the video below or read the transcript. Contact your county agent for local advice.

Download the video transcript


Episode 2: How do I read my soil report and prepare the soil?

Learn how to interpret your soil report and how to make amendments to your soil.

Download the video transcript

Episode 3: Planting time!

Learn how to start your warm-season vegetables off right and prevent common problems.

Explore our home garden factsheets

Check out our Spring and Summer Vegetable Planting Dates

Episode 4: Weeds & Water

For more info visit:

Homeowner Irrigation   

Plant Health Clinic

AR Plant Disease Control - MP154


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