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Garden to Pantry: Fall Vegetable Gardening

Gardening is a great way to not only supply the family with fresh vegetables but also to sneak in some stress-lowering physical activity as well!  By preserving vegetables and fruits that are not consumed during the growing season, a family can build up the home food pantry and enjoy “home-grown” produce all year long! Or perhaps you want to help the community by giving extra produce to local food pantries. Either way, gardening can be a win/win for everyone! 

Can I plant a garden after spring?Click to view planting calendar

Of course!  July through September is a great time to start planting your fall garden. It can be a great addition to your family food supply.

See Fall Planting Dates

Who can garden?

Maybe you've never gardened before or maybe you think you're not a good gardener. No worries! We have many tools to help the beginning gardener!

Check out our vegetable gardening section    for tips on getting started.

Gardening can also be a good activity for the family to do together. You could even sneak in a science lesson or two!

Where should I place my garden?

When selecting a site for the garden, choose a sunny, well-drained area that will be easy to access.  Check out our page for help with site selection. 

Is your soil poorly drained or heavy with clay? Is bending or reaching an issue?

A raised-bed garden may be a helpful solution to grow your favorite vegetables. Visit our page to watch our how-to video for creating your own raised garden bed

Not enough space for a full garden?

For a beginning gardener or a gardener with limited space, a container garden or even a straw bale garden might be more your style. 

Check out these resources for container gardens.

What and when should I plant?

Even if you missed the spring planting time, that doesn't mean you can't grow vegetables! There are many short season and cool season vegetables you can plant in July and August such as, bush beanscucumberssummer squash, lettuce, carrots, radishes, broccoli, southern peas, and and any other vegetables which will mature before late October. In early July and August, you can still make plantings of certain summer favorite like tomatoes!

Need more ideas on what to plant? Follow this planting guide

When should I start harvesting?

Pick vegetables when they are mature.  Picking veggies and herbs early in the day helps improve flavor and keeps the harvester cool! This link shows when to expect specific vegetable to be available in Arkansas:

Use this calendar as a guide for harvesting produce in Arkansas

Recipes for Fresh Produce

More Recipes to Enjoy

Sweet Potatoes

Beans & Peas




Bountiful harvest? Preserve the extra! Quick Process Pickles

If your garden produces too much for the family to eat, try preserving the extra to enjoy during the winter months.  Canning, freezing, and drying are all methods to preserve vegetables. 

Additional Resources