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Garden to Pantry

Gardening is a great way to not only supply the family with fresh vegetables but also to sneak in some stress-lowering physical activity as well. Check out our resources below for everything from garden to pantry!

Garden to Pantry

Fall Veggie Gardening | Planning, Maintaining, & Preparing Your Harvest

Even if you missed the spring planting time, that doesn't mean you can't grow fall vegetables! Don't miss out on these great resources for planning, maintaining, and preparing your fall harvest!

Get gardening and get cooking!

How to Donation Fresh Produce

Garden to Food Pantry: Home Gardener's Guide to Donating Fresh Produce

For those who may have extra fresh produce from their gardens, donating that produce to a local food pantry, or other food-centric organization, is a great way to help those who may not otherwise have access to fresh produce.

Learn how to donate fresh produce in Arkansas