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Cooking with Herbs and Spices

Without many common herbs and spices, our food wouldn't be as flavorful and enjoyable. Check out our resources for cooking with herbs and spices, both fresh and dried. Find out how to store them, how to grow them, and learn what recipes work best with specific flavor profiles. Below is a partial list of herbs and spices you can use in everyday cooking. 

close up of basil in a garden


Basil is a versatile and easy to grow herb for novice gardeners. Learn how to cook with and preserve this delicious herb.

Get basil tips
creeping thyme spread over bricks on a walkway


There are more than 400 varieties of thyme, with English thyme being the most common. Grow lemon thyme, caraway thyme and mother-of-thyme. Thyme varieties that creep make an excellent ground cover. 

FAQs about thyme


Growing, storing, preserving, and cooking with herbs 

  • Using Herbs in Cooking
    If you have high blood pressure, consider planting herbs in your garden to flavor your recipes. Get tips on when to harvest and how to store home grown herbs.

  • Growing Your Own Herbs
    Some herbs are annual, others come back each year. Find out what grows best and when in Arkansas.