UACES Facebook Getting our Sprayer into Tip-Top Shape for 2020
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Getting our Sprayer into Tip-Top Shape for the 2020 Growing Season

By: Tommy Butts, Extension Weed Scientist 

Pulse-width modulation ground sprayer.
Pulse-width modulation ground sprayer in operation. Inspection, calibration, and maintenance of our spray equipment before the season starts can make or break our pesticide applications.

Pesticide applications, specifically spring herbicide burndowns, are beginning to gear up across Arkansas. A recent podcast was published on AR Row Crops Radio that highlights inspection, calibration, and maintenance of spray equipment to make sure each piece of equipment is in optimal working condition for the 2020 growing season. Topics include inspecting sprayer components, maintenance of filters, inspecting and repairing electronics, measuring actual spray tank capacity, inspecting and replacing nozzles, and finally, calibrating and flow rate testing of nozzles.

This specific podcast (Episode 10) can be found at:

Additionally, the AR Row Crops Radio podcast can be downloaded from the Apple Store or Google Play Store.