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trimming goat hoof

10 Ways to Prevent Foot Rot

Foot rot is a highly contagious bacterial infection affecting cattle, sheep, and goats. If left uncontrolled it can have major consequences.

Get Prevention Tips

cattle grazing

AR Agriculture Survey

Do you use our farm, livestock, or gardening resources? Take a few minutes to answer our survey to help our agriculture agents.

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zinnia leaf spot

Zinnia Cercospora Leaf Spot

Nothing says summer like zinnias. Zinnias don’t require much care, but they can have several fungal disease problems.

Control Zinnia Leaf Spot

cattle and goats co-grazing

Increasing Profitability of Beef Cattle Operations

Adding sheep and goats to a cow-calf or stocker/background operations can increase efficiency of livestock production.

Benefits of Adding Sheep and Goats

giant redwood with people posing for a photo in front


These majestic giants defy description and bump up against the border of believability. 

Read about Redwoods


sheep grazing

How to Prevent Prussic Acid and Nitrate Toxicity

During the summer in Arkansas, forage plants can experience heat stress that may increase both prussic acid and nitrate concentrations.

Protect Your Small Ruminants

omelette with leftover broccoli and peppers

Enjoy Your Leftovers

Add your leftovers to a satisfying omelette or scramble for dinner. It's a great way to reduce food waste and save money.

Try our yummy omelette recipe!

family having play time

Scheduling Tips for Busy Families

Back to school means extra activities. Now is a good time to re-evaluate family schedules and time management techniques.

Get time-saving tips!

managing expenses

Reducing Expenses During Times of Crisis

Learn how to reduce expenses when you are hit with job loss.

Tips to Reduce Spending