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Evaluation Training & Webinars

To provide UADA employees with additional information and training about conducting program evaluations, trainings and webinars have been conducted and recorded. 

Evaluation View Webinar Series

Group using Sticky Wall

Measurement & Methods: Qualitative Evaluation Tools

In this session, you will learn about Qualitative evaluation methods. Qualitative data is a type of data that describes information. This data type isn’t necessarily measured using numbers but rather categorized based on properties, attributes, labels, and other identifiers. 

How to Build a Sticky Wall

How to Conduct Qualitative Analysis using Excel

Yale University Fundamentals of Qualitative Evaluation Series

Evaluation Roadmap: Data Analysis

Evaluation Roadmap: Facilitation(for use with focus groups, interviews, etc.)

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Input to output to outcome to impact

Generating & Using Meaningful Data: What Matters Most?

This session will provide practical strategies to save you time and increase the quality of your evaluation data. In this session, we will discuss does a method or instrument actually do what it is supposed to do. We will explore how you can streamline your evaluation process and produce the best data possible.

Research Methods Knowledge Base Web-Based Textbook

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Lunch & Learn Evaluation Series