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Program and Staff Development

Community, Professional, & Economic Development (CPED) fulfills organizational support functions in the areas of navigating the extension career pathway, program development, and professional development. The unit also is also responsible for education programs and support for county extension agents in the areas of leadership development; public issues education and local government; business development and support; community, workforce, and economic development; and E-learning and professional development.

CPED Vision: We are committed to building resilient and inclusive communities while enhancing the wellbeing of Arkansans.

CPED Mission: We strengthen the capacity of individuals, businesses, organizations, and the University of Arkansas System Division of Agriculture to build inclusive and sustainable communities through research-based resources and processes.

What do we mean by “strengthen the capacity” or capacity building? We support a community or individual’s ability to grow and flourish. Capacity building is an investment in the future sustainability of a community or organization through the impact of its people.

Visit our Professional Development webpage on the Division of Agriculture Employee website for more information and resources.