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Urban Entomology/Home Insect Management in Arkansas

spider in a home
Spiders, ants, earwigs, and other bugs are common in Arkansas homes and yards. For specific help, contact your local county agent for advice.

Do you have issues with bugs in your home or office? Urban pest management involves the study and control of arthropods that affect people, animals, and plants in the human environment.

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If any insecticide is to be used to manage insect pests of the home, yard and garden, it is crucial to consult the MP-144, Insecticide Recommendations for Arkansas, for recent updates on pesticides labeled for those uses.  Please remember to follow the label -- the label is the law, not a recommendation.

Insect Management Handouts

Insect Prevention in homes Our urban entomologist gives tips on preventing insects and spiders from entering your home.

Dobsonfly handout If you've seen a large insect with long wings and long mandibles, it might be a dobsonfly. They are beneficial insects and not considered pests. Download the handout to read more!

Funnelweaver spiders handout Have you seen webs in bushes and wondered what wove them? Chances are, it's a funnelweaver spider.

Visit our multi-Colored Asian Lady Beetle page   Why are so many lady beetles in your home? Our handout will outline specifics on dealing with these non-native insects. More info can be found on the USDA website

Milipede Handout for Homeowners Our entomologists offer homeowners advice on identifying and dealing with milipedes in your home.

Carpet Beetle Handout for Homeowners Do you have carpet beetles? Check out this handout and learn more about this home pest.

Bed Bugs Handout for Homeowners It's every homeowner's fear to find evidence of bed bugs in their home. Learn how to prevent bed bugs and the best way to treat for this nuisance pest if you confirm an infestation.

Cockroach Handout for Homeowners Although cockroaches have never been incriminated as disease vectors in epidemics, their close association with people and food supplies necessitates effective cockroach management. This handout will provide all the information needed.

Flea Management Handout for Homeowners  Pet owners may find flea control in and around the home a challenge, especially in the warm months.  Learn how to win the war against fleas.

Carpenter Bee Handout for Homeowners Dealing with carpenter bees in and around your home.

 Specific areas of interest within the Extension Urban Entomology Program include structural and household pest management (PM), public health/mosquito PM, turf and ornamental PM, stored product/food PM, and sponsored product evaluation.


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