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Fire Ant Control in Arkansas

Imported fire ants (IFA) were accidentally introduced into the United States from South America about 70 years ago and the first documented infestation of these ants in Arkansas was in El Dorado in 1958. IFA are identified by their painful sting, which produces a small pustule (white bump) on the victim within 8 to 24 hours.

Check out our two fire ant specialists, John Hopkins (retired) and Kelly Loftin as they demonstrate how to apply treatment for fire ants in the fall.

Extension specialists and county agents work in every county to help residents combat the problem. Imported fire ants are a serious pest, but fortunately their impact upon our lives can be minimized through patience and the use of integrated pest management practices.

Download fire ant video transcription.

20 Questions About Fire Ants


small tree with fire ant mound near the base

Fire Ant treatment for homes

Our experts offer a cost-effective and proven procedure that provides long-term ant suppression in home lawns, ornamental turf, area-wide treatment programs and other nonagricultural land. 

Get advice on managing fire ants near your home
visual size guide of ants - they are arranged in a circle with milimeter sizing chart in the center and a fire ant queen for scale

How to identify imported fire ants 

How can you tell if you have imported fire ants? How long do they live? What should I do if I encounter a fire ant mound? Answers to these questions and more can be found in our Top 20 Fire Ant Question resource guide.

Download our Top 20 fire ant FAQs
watering can pouring water over a fire ant mound

Two-step fire ant control

This method is suggested for areas with a high number of mounds and low numbers of beneficial native ants. The method should be done twice yearly.

Download the two step method
man stooping to add chemical powder with a spoono to a fire and mound on the ground

Managing fire ants in urban areas

The first step in fire ant control is proper identification. Our resource guide steps you through the process and gives you specific details on how to treat for electrical equipment, homes and buildings, playgrounds, and other common infestation sites.

Get urban fire ant control best practices
pink flowers next to a fire ant mound which is partially covered by leaves

Managing fire ants in a home garden

Dr. John Hopkins presented this PowerPoint presentation to Master Gardeners in 2017. His slides are full of information about distribution, biology, and control of the invasive species in a home garden.

Download the PowerPoint slides