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Edamame Production in Arkansas

Edamame pods on a plate

Large-scale production of edamame was introduced into Arkansas in 2012.

Edamame (pronounced eh-dah-MAH-may How to pronounce "Edamame" | Row Crops | Farm & Ranch | Arkansas Extension) is translated as "beans on a branch" in its native country of Japan.  Green vegetable soybeans are the same species (Glycine max) as field soybeans but for over 2,000 years have been specifically bred for larger seeds, sweeter flavors, creamier texture, and easier digestibility.

Edamame are harvested at the fresh green stage, for use as a vegetable, slightly before they mature and dry. The beans can be cooked and served in or out of the pods.

Edamame Production Practices

The Cooperative Extension Service, part of the University of Arkansas System's Division of Agriculture, is dedicated to providing up-to-date educational programs consisting of research-based information for profitable edamame production.

Edamame production goes from Asia to Arkansas

"UA Kirksey" variety helps launch first commercial-scale U.S. edamame crop in Arkansas

Number Date Title
FSA2118 current Understanding the Numbers on Your Soil Test Report
FSA2153 current The Soil Test Report
n/a current Edamame Production Practices:  What We Know Now
Jeremy Ross, Soybean Extension Agronomist

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