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Cotton: Media Resources

Over the years, we have recorded many video presentations and podcasts discussing Cotton and Sustainability. Below is a collection of these media resources.

Video and Webcasts

Soil Health Institute

Soil Health in Arkansas - Is it profitable?

Dr. Bill Robertson, Cotton Agronomist, and Mr. Matt Fryer, Soil Instructor, moderate a roundtable discussion with cotton producers about soil health practices and activities as well as different views about tillage and cover crops.

February 2021

Cotton Soil - Conventional and No Till

Dr. Bill Robertson, Cotton Agronomist and Mr. Matt Fryer, Soil Instructor, examine soils from fields where conventionally planted cotton, cover crops and no till were used. They explore differences in soil aggregation, rooting depth and soil compaction. As soil health improves, the scientists have found both internal and external drainage changes creating a more favorable environment for soil biology to flourish.

October 2020

Introducing the Furrow Runner Plow

Dr. Bill Robertson, Cotton Agronomist and Mr. Matt Fryer, Soils Instructor, discuss the importance of improving external drainage using a furrow runner plow to create a shallow channel to aid in removing excess rain or to allow irrigation water to cover the field. The furrow runner removes residue and forms a narrow 6” wide channel creating a minimal amount of disturbance.

October 2020

Wide Row Cotton

Dr. Bill Robertson, Cotton Agronomist, and cotton farmer Mr. Adam Chappell, Cotton Plant, Arizona, discuss the cost-saving benefits of planting wide row cotton (76”). Adam follows soil health principles and plants no till into high biomass cover crop blends. He says he has cut seed cost in half along with eliminating the need for synthetic phosphorus and potassium. Weed and pest control are achieved through the cover crop as well.

October 2020

Cover Crop Seed Selection

Mr. Matt Fryer, Soils Instructor, and Mr. Tim Smith, Soil Solution Cover Crop Specialist, discuss what cover crop seeds are best suited for broadcast seeding. Mr. Smith also explains the benefits and challenges of common cover crops used in Arkansas.

October 2020

Cover Crop Seed Mixes

Mr. Matt Fryer, Soils Instructor, and Mr. Tim Smith, Soil Solution Cover Crop Specialist, discuss things to keep in mind when putting a cover crop mix together. The scientists also discuss matching seeds for broadcasting, the importance of inoculation and increasing seeding rate.

October 2020

Enhancing the Adoption of Soil Health Systems - The Arkansas Experience

Dr. Robertson talks about the efforts in Arkansas to win over farmers to advance soil health practices. Dr. Robertson highlights the Arkansas Soil Health Alliance, a farmer-led organization, as an important partner for research and outreach. He also explains how to use visuals and set up small portions of a producer’s field with cover crops and no-till next to the farmer’s current and/or conventional methods.

October 2019


University of Arkansas System Division of Agriculture

Arkansas Soil and Water Conservation VFT: Cotton Agricultural Sustainability

April 2021

2021 Online Crop Production Meeting

February 2021

Arkansas Soil and Water Conservation VFT: Soil Health (M. Fryer)

November 2020

Cotton Field Day Online: Season Overview and Cotton Variety Update

In this video, Bill Robertson provides an update on the 2020 cotton season and discusses the Division of Agriculture’s on-farm variety testing program and its role in complementing the division’s cotton variety testing program conducted by cotton breeder and researcher Fred Bourland. 

Insect Pest Management (G. Jorenz)

Thrips and tarnished plant bug are the biggest insect pests in cotton in Arkansas and the Midsouth. In this video, the extension entomology team of Gus Lorenz, Ben Thrash and Nick Bateman discuss sampling methods and control of thrips and tarnished plant bug, which is the number one insect pest of cotton.

Benefits of Improving Soil Health (M. Fryer)

In this video, Matt Fryer will briefly summarize soil health and how managing it can benefit cotton. He will demonstrate how to collect some of the soil samples and measurements that are taken in the soil health and cover crop demonstrations that are established across the delta.

Choosing the Right Herbicide (T. Barber)

In this presentation, Tom Barber compares multiple herbicide options and application timings for optimum weed control in the Enlist E3 cotton system.

October 2020

Arkansas Soil and Water Conservation VFT: Improving Soils and Profitability Through Collaboration (M. Fryer)

August 2020


Cotton and Rice Conference

Cotton - Basics of Soil Health

Dr. Bill Robertson discusses the basics of soil health.                                                                                                             

April 2020



Agri Arkansas: Cotton in Arkansas

Take a look at Cotton in the Natural State. Plus visit Dogwood Hills Guest Farm in Harriet, Arkansas. Guests include Bill Robertson, Cotton Agronomist with the University of Arkansas Department of Agriculture and Ruth Pepler, owner of Dogwood Hills Guest Farm.

 May 2017