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Cotton Sustainability Field Day

This event was held on June 22, 2022, at the Judd Hill Foundation Farm in Trumann, Arkansas. Cotton producers, crop consultants, and agricultural industry representatives were in attendance. The event included field tours, highlighting soil and water conservation research and field-scale soil health demonstrations. 

Find highlights from this event in this press release from the University of Arkansas System Division of Agriculture. Cotton field day returns to Judd Hill Foundation farm with new focus

Field Tours

  • Researchers will discuss their work and findings.
  • Marty White and Jesse Flye, producers at Judd Hill, will discuss their experiences with conventional and conservation systems, including cover crops.
  • Adam Chappell, producer and President of Arkansas Soil Health Alliance, will be on hand to talk about regenerative practices currently being investigated.

Tent Talks

  • Tent talks with speakers from the Soil Health Institute and the U.S. Cotton Trust Protocol will take place beneath the shade of pecan trees, allowing for a cooler experience.
  • Attendees will get updates on the importance of practices to improve soil health. They will hear how documenting these practices provides transparency and builds consumer confidence – promoting an understanding that U.S. cotton is what we say it is.
  • Mr. Hank ReichlePresident and CEO, Staplcotn, will wrap up our morning session by discussing what manufacturing brands want and need from farmers for the fibers they source to help better meet consumer needs.

Catered Lunch

  • A catered BBQ lunch will be served.
  • During lunch, speakers with Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) and BASF will discuss their Better Cotton and e3 Sustainable Cotton programs, respectively.

Training and Enrollment Opportunities

  • Training and enrollment opportunities for the U.S. Cotton Trust Protocol will be offered after lunch to farmers and consultants. Laptops will be available and set up in the air conditioned office at Judd Hill.

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