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Natural State Preconditioned Calf Program - GoGreen

The Natural State Preconditioned Calf Program was created to highlight calves that qualify for best management practices from weaning to marketing.  Qualifying calves display a GoGREEN Natural State Preconditioned Calf tag at the time of sale.  

Preconditioned calf with GoGREEN ear tagWhen preconditioning is done right, everybody wins.  Buyers spend less time and money treating sick cattle, sale barns provide healthier cattle and attract new business, and sellers often receive market incentives that cover vaccine costs and shortterm retained ownership may advance market weights and total sale dollars.

For more information, read Is Marketing Preconditioned Calves Right for Me?  and watch the educational videos at the bottom of this page. Contact your local county agent to get started in the program! 

Arkansas Preconditioned Calf Special Sale Dates

GoGREEN calves can participate in these sales. Market specific preconditioning programs and other recognized programs may qualify. Contact the auction market for more details.

Date Location
3/19/22 Bradley County Livestock Barn, Warren
3/21/22 Mid-State Stockyards, Damascus
4/2/22 Clinton Stockyards, Clinton
4/5/22 Arkansas Cattle Auction, Searcy
4/7/22 Cattlemen's Livestock Exchange, Charlotte
4/21/22 Cattlemen's Livestock Exchange, Charlotte
5/3/22 Arkansas Cattle Auction, Searcy
5/5/22 Cattlemen's Livestock Exchange, Charlotte
5/19/22 Cattlemen's Livestock Exchange, Charlotte
6/2/22 Cattlemen's Livestock Exchange, Charlotte
6/7/22 Arkansas Cattle Auction, Searcy
6/16/22 Cattlemen's Livestock Exchange, Charlotte


 GoGreen Forms and FAQsPreconditioned calves with GoGREEN ear tags


GoGreen Education

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 Transcript of "Steps Toward Increasing the Value of Your Calves"

 Adding Value to Your Calves and Your Beef Industry

 Dr. Eric Bailey


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