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Poultry Production in Arkansas

 Baby chicks in a poultry house
Baby chicks at placement in a broiler house.

Poultry (including broilers, turkeys and chicken eggs) is Arkansas' leading agricultural industry.  Many poultry and egg companies are part of the Arkansas poultry industry.

Broilers are the largest segment of the poultry industry in Arkansas with broilers being produced in 53 of the state's 75 counties.  Washington County leads in broiler production followed by Benton County.  In 2018 the state was  second in broiler production with almost one billion broilers produced (5.98 billion pounds of meat) and a value exceeding 3.6 billion dollars.

The last few years have seen an increase in the hobby of keeping small poultry flocks.  Youth poultry programs have also gained in popularity. 

Are hormones used in poultry production?

The answer is no. Download our fact sheet to learn about the four reasons why hormones are NOT used in poultry production. Hormones in Our Poultry: Is It for Real?

If you have questions about poultry production, contact your local County Extension Agent or an Extension Poultry Specialist.

Extension Poultry Specialist Email Phone
Scharidi Barber (501) 626-3168
Dr. John Marcy (479) 575-2211


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