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How Great Leaders Inspire Action And Key Trends in Arkansas Communities

by Lisa Davis - March 1, 2021

LeadAR's recent virtual session included a discussion of ethical leadership by Dr. Karen Ballard, a professor in the Community, Professional and Economic Development unit who specializes in program evaluation and staff development. Ballard said the following are traits of ethical leaders:

  • Leads by example
  • Listens/Is willing to evolve
  • Respects everyone equally
  • Communicates openly
  • Manages stress effectively
  • Mediates fairly

Ballard also provided examples of how ethics serve as an economic driver through the power of influence. Watch or listen to Simon Sinke's TedTalk video on how great leaders inspire action.

Dr. Wayne Miller and Ellie Wheeler from the CPED unit also shared information about the 2021 Rural Profile of Arkansas publication they just released. The publication analyzes the trends of key indicators for communities in Arkansas. Download a free copy.

An interactive Rural Profile Dashboard is available to see Arkansas data compiled for the following categories: economy, education, health, infrastructure, government, population, and social/economic stress. Data ranges from 2007-2020. All 75 Arkansas counties are represented.

For more information about LeadAR, visit the website or contact Dr. Julie Robinson at, or Lisa Davis at