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Arkansas APEX Accelerator Success Story CK Solutions Roofing Specialists

by Kim Magee - April 2, 2020

Kyle DeArmond, CK Solutions owner, and Liz Russell, Arkansas APEX Accelerator counselorKyle DeArmond owns CK Solutions and aims to be the solution to all roofing problems.

Services offered include new roof installation, roof repair, roof restoration, reroofing, roof replacement, and Christmas light installation. They have offices in Batesville and White Hall but serve all of Arkansas. CK Solutions has been in business since 2011 and now employs 30 people.

DeArmond found out about the services offered by the Arkansas Procurement Technical Assistance Center through an internet search when he kept seeing government contracting opportunities in the pipeline but was ineligible to apply for them. After his internet search discovery, CK Solutions became a APEX Accelerator client in August 2019.  

CK Solutions started out their government contracting journey by subcontracting on two federal park projects at Buffalo River and Lake Ouachita. They have now been awarded two prime contracts. The first contract was awarded in early February 2020 by the U.S. Forest Service (the same agency as the subcontracts). To complete this contract, CK Solutions will be painting outhouses in Waldron.

This contract demonstrates how businesses can offer services related to their standard services but are outside what they typically offer. The company's second contract was more recently awarded and is for removing the shingles and replacing the underlayment and shingles from the Collier Springs Pavilion which is part of the Ouachita National Forest.

In a very short time being a APEX Accelerator client, CK Solutions and DeArmond have been successful in winning contracts. He credits APEX Accelerator counselor Liz Russell for her unbelievably quick response time to any questions that he has approached her with.  

“If you want to succeed in government contracting, I suggest visiting with your local APEX Accelerator office. I give them a 10 rating which equals highly satisfied,” DeArmond said.  

He also would like to tell potential clients that all services offered are free of charge, being aware of other organizations attempting to charge for the same services.

We congratulate DeArmond on being persistent and aggressive in contacting agencies at every level. In addition to his federal work, he has several county and city projects around Arkansas including reroofing the Sharp County Courthouse.  

DeArmond would like to share his philosophy with other small business owners, “If you don’t bid, there’s no way you can win!”  

He said that he realizes that he’s not going to win all of the contracts that he bids on, but also realizes that the more that he bids on, the greater his odds are of winning some of them.  

Connect with our Arkansas APEX Accelerator counselors at 501-671-2390 to learn how you can expand your business into new areas and actively pursue bid match opportunities.