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Opportunities for Arkansas Small Businesses to Aid in the COVID-19 Response

by Melanie Berman and Liz Russell - April 3, 2020

Government contractors can serve their country and communities and play a valuable role in helping first responders, hospitals, and health care workers prepare to treat COVID-19 patients.

Your Arkansas APEX Accelerator is monitoring opportunities in the government marketplace that are continuing to evolve as funding becomes available.
Manufacturers and logistics services are encouraged to retrofit their facilities and innovate to meet the pressing needs for medical supplies and equipment.

According to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, "The National Association of Manufacturers and Business Roundtable is combining COVID-19 response efforts to address the critical health care supply shortage facing the nation’s medical community. Central to their effort is this new, detailed survey for businesses to identify the specific ways they can provide or produce the supplies that are in high demand. Whether you have filled out similar previous surveys or not, they are asking all businesses to complete this detailed form."


Contact your APEX Accelerator counselor for assistance with vendor registrations or solicitation review.

Federal Emergency Management Agency

Needs: Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and Medical Services
Opportunity Type: Combined Synopsis/Solicitation
Response Date: Ongoing until September 25, 2020
Award Types: IDIQ, Direct Contracts, Purchase Orders, Blanket Purchase Agreements
Evaluation Factor: Lowest Price Technically Acceptable (LPTA)
Competition: Full and open, unrestricted, but small businesses are encouraged to submit offers

Department of Defense

Needs: Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
Opportunity Type: Sources Sought
Response Date: Ongoing until cancelled (public notice has not been updated at this time)
For general information about contracting with the Department of Defense, reference the step-by-step guide here.

Federal Aviation Administration

Sanitizing and Disinfectant Supply Needs: anti-germicidal wipes, hydrogen peroxide-based wipes, ammonium chloride-based wipes, hydrogen peroxide disinfectant and cleaner, Lysol multi-surface cleaner, large size pump alcohol-based hand sanitizer (60% or greater alcohol concentration), pump style hand soap, nitrile gloves (powder free boxed), paper towels, toilet paper
Services Needs: enhanced cleaning; fogging procedure (activated ionized hydrogen peroxide based; hydrogen peroxide vapor based; activated hydrogen peroxide based; and/or vaporized hydrogen peroxide based)

If you want to pursue this opportunity, contact Jeri Bird, FAA Small Business Advocate, at and provide the following information:

  1. Does your company accept the Government Purchase Card (Yes, No)?
  2. Does your company have a current registration in the System for Award Management (SAM) (Yes, No)? (Note: APEX Accelerator counselors can assist with registration. Request assistance here.)
  3. Is your company able to meet all or some of the FAA's requirements (All, Some)?
  4. If the answer to #3 is yes, provide details on what items/services you are able to provide (i.e. product/service catalog, quantity currently in stock, pricing, etc.)

If your response indicates potential for purchase, the FAA will respond with a market research questionnaire.

Arkansas Business Emergency Listing (ABEL)

If you have goods and services needed or required by Arkansas's State Emergency Operations Center to assist in the COVID-19 recovery, you must register and list those specific goods and services on the Arkansas Business Emergency Listing (ABEL) site.

Note: You will need your State of Arkansas vendor number to be considered for procurement. If you do not have an established vendor registration, the link can be found at the Arkansas Vendor Services Registration page(Note: Arkansas APEX Accelerator counselors are available to assist in expediting the vendor registration process. Request assistance here.)

When you have completed your State Vendor Registration, go to ABEL's registration page to submit your capabilities. You will be contacted by a member of the State Emergency Operations Center team for further processing.

Note: Guidance previously stated that the Arkansas Division of Emergency Management (ADEM) would coordinate COVID-19 resource purchasing. The purchasing function now resides within ABEL.


If your business has suffered economic injury, you may be eligible for federal and/or state financial assistance. For more information, visit the U.S. Small Business Administration's Coronavirus page and the Arkansas Economic Development Commissions' COVID-19 Resources page.