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Growing Vegetables in Arkansas

A well managed garden can offer a continuous supply of nutritious vegetables and relaxation all year long. It's also a great way to introduce your family to better eating habits.

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A-Z Vegetable Gardening

Spring & Summer Planting Dates

Fall Planting Dates

Straw Bale Gardening

Summer Squash Gardening

Creating a Raised Bed Garden

Safe Use of Rain Barrel Water

Grow Your Own Groceries Webinars

Beginning Gardening Videos

Hobby Greenhouses

Tomato gardening


More gardening resources

"In the Garden" was a weekly gardening column by Janet Carson, Retired Extension Horticulture Specialist, which was featured in the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette. 

Q&As for all publications are archived at the Horticulture Reference Desk.

Canning and Food Preservation


Plant Health Clinic

Vegetable Weights Per Bushel